Create a Keepsake to Last a Lifetime

Hand on Heart Jewellery Lifetime Guarantee

Handcrafted Jewellery - Lifetime no-fade Guarantee
We have perfected the art of creating personalised keepsakes to last a lifetime and we are extremely committed to creating the best jewellery to make your memories last forever. This is why we have a no-fade lifetime guarantee on ALL of our Handcrafted products. This means if your prints or text fades, we will re-make them at no extra cost to our customers. We are very proud of our work and we want our 100% customer satisfaction to also last a lifetime.


Engraved Jewellery - 12 month no-fade Guarantee
 With our Engraved jewellery, your prints/text is engraved onto the surface of the metal, providing a subtle look compared to our handcrafted jewellery. Engraved jewellery is not as hard wearing and is only recommended for occasional wear (if worn everyday can become scratched/faded over time), whereas our handcrafted jewellery is for everyday use & comes with our HoH lifetime guarantee. We have a 12 month no-fade guarantee on ALL of our engraved jewellery, but if you are looking for an everyday item, please browse from our Handcrafted range.