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Help and FAQs

Help and FAQ's


Email address not verified at checkout?

Please ensure there is no space after your email address at the checkout to complete your order.


Are my children too old or too big now?

No! We can use prints from any size or age.  All prints are miniaturised, keeping unique detail which means that no hand, foot or paw is too big.


Can you use prints I already have?

Yes, when ordering just select the correct option.  Prints can then be emailed to, or you can post a copy to the address at the bottom of this page.  
If you would like us to check the prints first, please email a scanned copy to us and one of our designers will confirm the suitability.


Can you use the same prints again if I re-order?

Yes, when re-ordering just select the correct option and you will be asked for the previous order details as you check out. 


How long do you keep a copy of the prints?

We aim to keep a copy of all print impressions on file for 2 years, however this is at the Companies discretion and is not guaranteed.  Unless requested otherwise, all original prints and impressions will be destroyed within two years.  If you wish to keep the original prints, please do not send these to the Studio and instead provide us with a scanned copy via email.  It may be possible for us to return your original prints if requested, however this is not guaranteed.  Please note that a charge will occur for posting the prints to you.  Please contact us by emailing to request any prints.


How can I track my order?

You will be kept up to date with the progress of your order and it's dispatch by email.  If you are a registered customer, you can also check your order progress by logging into your account.


Are the charms sterling silver?

Our hand-crafted handprint jewellery is made from sterling silver.  For engraved products, the material used for each product is included in each product description.  All sterling silver charms over 7.78g will be hallmarked.


What's the difference between handcrafted products and engraved products?

Handcrafted products are made by hand from start to finish.  The prints are impressed into the silver, making them deeper than the engraved products.  We recommend our handcrafted jewellery for pieces which will have a lot of wear and our engraved products for occasional wear.

Engraved products feature prints and text engraved onto the surface by machine, for a more subtle look.


What type of quality can I expect?

Handcrafted - As each piece is made by hand and not a machine, every piece will vary in shape and size slightly.  It is always easier to match products that are made at the same time, therefore subsequent orders may vary in shape and design.  All of our pieces are put through a very careful and delicate finishing process, which sees the metal polished with different grains to eventually achieve a beautiful, shiny finish- but one that is never going to be 'flawless'. Very faint scratches will be visible if looked at very closely. This in no way takes away from the beauty of our charms and you can expect a very high standard of finish. By the nature of handmade silver, it would not be possible to achieve a perfect, flawless finish.  We genuinely believe that our finish is the very best anyone can achieve, but please be aware that these products are hand-made.  The prints are darkened to bring out any detail.  Because each print is totally unique, our designers will darken the charm to the depth which will suit that specific print the best and to maximise it's detail - some prints may be lighter or darker than others, depending on the size and detail of the print.  As the print is actually pushed into the silver, your charm will not lose any detail, and the print cannot wear away.

Engraved -  Products have the hand, foot or paw prints engraved onto the surface of the metal, providing a more subtle look to the hand-crafted jewellery.  The prints reflect the light so will appear white in sunlight and darker in shade.  We recommend engraved jewellery for special occasional wear.  


Are your Fingerprint items impressed into the jewellery?  

No, they are engraved.  We have developed a way of engraving the fingerprint image onto the surface, rather than pressing the fingerprint into the jewellery.  The advantage of this is that taking fingerprints has never been easier - there is no putty or molding compound involved.  The special printing kit is developed to pick up every small detail on the finger - this image can be engraved on cufflinks, keyrings, silver charms, necklaces and more.  


How long does it take?

The service time for each product is listed on the individual product pages.  For items requiring printing kits the turn-around time is based on when the studio receive your usable prints.

Please note: any prints received more than 12 weeks after the order was placed, may be subject to a fee if the product price has increased.
Also, if you return your prints more than 12 weeks after ordering , our fittings, chains, bracelets and other jewellery may be subject to style change. If this is the case, a substitute style will be used.


How do I care for my Jewellery?

Full care instructions are sent out with each product.


Which delivery service do you use?

Your completed order will be dispatched using Royal Mail and will require a signature on delivery.